Lynn Priestley


In 1995, I began the study of Yoga seriously under the tutelage of Dr. Loretta Armer in Tallahassee, Florida. This led me into deeper studies and an intensive nine-month instructor training program under her mentorship, During this time, I taught classes at places ranging from Border's Bookstore to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center.

I continued to study and yoga teacher training in Tampa with the Florida Institute for Integrated Yoga Studies, Dr. Maggie McClain. In 2003, I was certified by Yoga Alliance, a national board that insures that teachers are versed in postures, breath-work, anatomy, meditation, philosophy, and teaching techniques.

I've become more knowledgeable and skilled in my yoga practice through my studies with some of the best teachers in North America. Among those who have enhanced my yoga practice are:

Neschalia Joy Devi, yoga practitioner, California. She works with cancer and heart patients in Dr. Dean Cornish's Center, helping patients with stress management, breathing, and body-mind awareness.

John Friend, developer of Anasura yoga, an Iyengar-based approach.

Monica Voss, Toronto, Canada. She was a student of Vanda Scaravelli's, author of "Awakening the Spine". Vanda Scaravelli was a private student of B.K.S. Iyengar.

Bob Smith, Seattle, Washington. An amazing Yogi and teacher.

Bec Conant, Boston, Massachusetts. Spring, 2004, I participated in an intensive yoga workshop with Bec in Tuscany, Italy and again in December of 2008 at St. George Island, Florida.

Vera Orlock, Tallahassee, Florida, in Body, Mind, Centering, an approached developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

Starting in 2000, I taught regular classes of Hatha yoga in the Tallahassee area, leading classes in four locations weekly. In 2004 I quit teaching regularly due to the onset of cancer in my husband and in 2006 with my cancer, instead substituting when needed.

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