Pet Portraiture

Pet portraits of your loved ones for you loved ones


Who do we sing to? Who protects us? Who adores us beyond reason? Our pets!

Dogs and cats have been my life's companions. As a proud pet owner since age five, I've always drawn and painted my pets, integrating their whimsy, curiosity, napping skills, play things and love into each piece. Striving to capture the expressions of love and loyalty, I contract to do their portraits.

I don't paint your pet; I paint who your pet is, what your pet dreams.

TERMS: A painting in acrylics of one pet on a 16" x 20" canvas with a simple cherry or oak frame. You will supply me with several photographs and share stories of your life with your pet. Whenever possible, I will visit your pet at your home. The painting will be completed in my studio. Upon completion, you may come to the studio for pick-up. If you aren't living in the Tallahassee, Florida area, shipping expenses will be added to the final payment. If you're a Florida resident, applicable state sales tax must be added.

The cost is $575. A deposit of $300 is required, the balance to be paid at time of pick-up or, prior to shipping (delivery costs will be added to final bill).

If you wish to have more than one pet per painting, or a smaller or larger size, additional costs will be negotiated. I accept VISA, Mastercard and PayPal.









Betty soaring dreamily through space on her blanket, favorite ball under paw, nose sniffing the grass, milk-bone close by.


[Thanks, Betty B., for hanging on until my chemotherapy was almost over}






Juana loves the pool, many balls, her Squeaky-Nun toy and Milk Bones.

The smartest, sweetest pound dog ever.

[shown with her Dad and Thanksgiving turkey]









Dottie resting arthritic paws on her magic carpet, with moths and Milk Bones galore. She is missed deeply.


Pedro and his favorite stuffed toy look over Cardinal Cove on Lake Iamonia, Florida.


Rescued after an abused first year, S'Carlos is now three and the joy of his parents' lives. He's also a certified "therapy-comfort" pooch.

Donated to Sunshine Corgi Rescue, for fund-raising auction. 2010

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Skunky, my first cat, painted when I was ten years old.


Part Labrador Retriever, part Pit Bull Terrier, TROUT was the world's most beloved "Pitador".


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