Lynn Priestley


----Prismatics~ a series of southern flora

The Big Prism: Magnolias & Camellias. 63 x 63" -----$3500

(Sixteen 12 x 12" Panels)


Southern blossoms have always captured my eye, perhaps never more so than in turbulent, unstable times

such as these, when ugliness and horror threaten to numb our senses and sensibilities.

My 'statement' is to combat it with fragility, temporality, beauty and fragrance through a series of

individual, seasonal blossoms: camellias, magnolias, gardenias, water lotus, water lilies and, of course, azaleas.:


All are comprised of 12" x 12" canvasses, presented "on the "diamond".


The first to bloom is the first to paint.

Each winter camellia was painted after it had fallen from a bush on a nearby church's property. All

other blossoms are painted in plein air.


Datura $1900

Mounted permanently on 1/4" plexiglass


The beauty inherent in the flora that we take for granted is breath-taking!..

The vegetable blossoms that seduce insects into pollination are rarely noticed by us, yet they are beauty-filled.

And, the fruits and vegetables they yield are visually spectacular, inside and outside.

Augenschmaus is the German word for what I paint.........................."A feast for the eye".

37 x 37" $700, Magnolia

Waterlily Prism: Collection of Mr. William Ancker, Albuquerque, NM





Still Life Works



------------------ ----------

Stargazer Recovery. 24 x 24" -----$700

---------- ----------------

----------------------------------------- -Carrot Bouquet. 18 x 24" -----------Melones con flor. 18 x 24" $600



---------------- ----------------- ---------------------Horse apples, Princeton, NJ. 13 x 20"

collection of Mr & Mrs. J. Ganz








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